Nation's waste on the Scale

The National’s Waste Inventory survey (NWIS-2019) gathered waste from households over seven days. The sample households were provided plastic bags and asked to accumulate waste generated for seven days from their household, while they were interviewed on the general perception questionnaire. Field enumerators collected wastes from the households after a week and segregated them into different compositions. The survey result showed that households generated more than 80,000 kg of solid waste every day. On an average, each household generated around 0.5 kg of solid waste a day. The waste generated by urban households accounted for about 0.7 kg per household in a day. It is almost double the amount of waste rural households generate which is 0.4 kg per household in a day.

Waste composition in Percentages

Composition Percentage
Food Waste 45.88 %
Paper and Cardboard 15.76 %
Plastics Soft packaging 10.06 %
Plastics (Pet & HDPE) 7.02 %
Plastics 17.08 %
Glass 5.28 %
Sanitry Waste 3.62 %
Metals 3.37 %
Textiles 2.18 %
Wood 1.70 %
Rubber 1.59 %
E-Waste 1.31 %
Other 1.17 %
Green plant materials 1.06 %

Waste Composition (%)